Do Car Companies Only Make Cars?

doggieIt sounds like a dumb question, but do car companies make stuff other than cars? Believe it or not, some of them do. Maybe cars get boring, or maybe they just like to mix things up! Here’s a list of a few items that Audi makes, besides high-class cars:

Audi R-18 Ultra Chair

The Audi R-18 Ultra Chair was inspired by a successful prototype of the same name. While it lacks wheels and has a top speed of 0, it is still an impressive bit of engineering. Believe it or not, the same materials used for high-speed Audi racers were used in the making of this chair. The chair, now on display at Design Miami weighs just under 5 lbs, beating out even Ikea’s minimalist folding chairs, which tip the scales at 6 lbs.

Audi Doggie Golf Shirt

Even if your pup is not the best with a putter, he can still look the part with this teensie, tiny t-shirt. The line of pet products includes several forms of the four ring logo. Your pet can always reflect your utter loyalty to Audi in these fashions.

Audi E-Bike

Built as a single speed bicycle with an electric motor, the e-bike was tagged as a “high-end sports machine.” Who wouldn’t want to ride a bike with a “Power Wheelie” mode? Unfortunately, the Audi suffers from some of the same problems as all electric bikes and is a bit heavy. It still weighs more than 24 pounds excluding the battery and motor. Still ready for that workout?

If you are interested in more information about Audi and its line of vehicles, please visit us as

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