Audi’s Piloted Parking System Receives Two US Awards

Audi Piloted ParkingHow great would it be if your car was able to find the nearest available parking space for you? That idea is destined to become a reality if you are behind the wheel of an Audi. Audi’s system for piloted parking will enable Audi cars to automatically find the nearest available parking space in the future, a technology that will save drivers both time and effort.

Popular Science magazine named the Audi piloted parking system “Product of the Future.” “The Verge,” a specialized media network, also awarded the new Audi parking system as “Best Automotive Technology” at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

This technology uses laser sensors and movement data to plan a route for an Audi inside a parking garage. Using a built-in map of the garage, the piloted parking system is able to determine which parking spaces are occupied and will direct the vehicle in an unobstructed path to the best spot. These advanced piloted parking technologies are also being tested to assist drivers in traffic jams and maneuverability as well.

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