Audi Q5 Featured in New James Bond Movie

Audi Q5While it may not be replacing the iconic Aston Martin DB5 “Bond car,” the Audi Q5 does in fact make an appearance in the new James Bond movie, Skyfall. Bond-fans will catch the Q5 3.0 V6 TDI Quattro in Skyfall’s opening scene. During this scene, the ‘bad guys’ are driving the Q5 in an epic chase sequence while the good guys drive a Land Rover.

“The Front axle is disconnected [for the scene] to make it more…er…lively at the rear axle,” explains stunt-driver Ben Collins. “There are twists and turns, stuff blowing up, cars getting in the way, and to keep up with the Audi my foot is welded to the throttle stop.”

The scene continues as the two cars weave through the streets of exploding debris. Then, the Audi pulls away momentarily as it powerslides between two cars and the Land Rover lags behind. Later in the scene, the two vehicles battle it out through a packed crowd, smashing through stalls until the Audi reaches its end.  “The scene reminds me of my favorite Bond Golden Oldie A View to a Kill,” continues Collins, “where the car chase became part of the fabric of the movie.”

Although Audi was not an official sponsor of the new Bond flick, it was a nice cameo for the company. The Q5 may not have been victorious at the end of the scene, but it definitely put up a good fight and showed off its quick, slick features. But then again, who can keep up with Bond, James Bond.

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