Audi Continues to Lead the Way in AWD

Audi AWDAll-wheel drive vehicles are becoming more popular as drivers are realizing all the benefits that AWD delivers. Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive system premiered over 30 years ago and the brand continues to be a leader in the technology of AWD.

Once considered a novelty, AWD is transitioning into a necessity in the premium car market. All-wheel drive increases traction on slippery, wet, and generally uneven roads. Power from vehicles with an AWD system goes to all four wheels, creating even tire wear and better weight distribution. Better performance and handling are additional benefits of AWD.

As the fastest-growing premium brand in the US market, Audi continues to lead the way in AWD innovation. The brand plans to debut a new version of quattro all-wheel drive that is ‘lighter and able to react faster than ever before.’

“The Audi Quattro system gives the average driver peace of mind in all weather conditions and the performance enthusiast an added advantage when the road twists and turns,” said Barry Hoch, Senior Product Manager for Audi of America.

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