Audi A3 Two-Door Hatch Offered in Europe

Audi A3 Two-Door HatchbackThe Audi A3 is currently sold in the US as a four-door hatchback. In addition to this four-door model, Europeans are also offered a two-door hatchback and convertible, making many wonder if the next generation Audi A3 will feature these options in the US.

While a two-door hatch may not seem as practical as a four-door, the design gives the A3’s profile a much sportier look. A two-door hatch would also help lower the base price on the Audi A3 lineup. 

The Audi A3 is the first vehicle to be built on Volkswagen Group’s new transverse-engine architecture, MQB.  These parts will be used on everything from subcompacts to compacts to crossovers, coupes, and roadsters.

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