Audi Plans to Expand Their SUV Lineup

With the SUV market rapidly expanding over North America, China, and Europe, Audi plans to increase their crossover line-up to get in on the action. Audi is expected to offer no less than seven different models of its Q line of crossover vehicles.

The current line-up of Audi Q crossovers consists of the Q5 and Q7, along with the Q3 concept recently revealed at the Beijing Auto Show. The Q2, Q4, Q6, and Q8 models are currently being designed and will appear very different from the current Q models with sleeker, sportier, and sassier styles.

The project of releasing this many new vehicles will not happen overnight. The first all-new Audi model is due in 2014 and it is estimated the last of this line-up will be available in 2017. Can’t wait that long? Visit South Hills Audi and enjoy the Audi Q5 and Audi Q7 today.

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