First Place Finish Car Care System Protects Audi Vehicles Inside & Out

2012 Audi A6 We are proud to offer the First Place Finish Car Care System to help protect the interior and exterior of Audi vehicles.

The revolutionary car care system works to defend your Audi to help keep the car looking brand new as well as helping the vehicle to retain its value.

Keeping the exterior of the vehicle looking shiny and new is a dream for all car owners.  The First Place Finish Exterior Protection works to add an extra level of protection to the paint.  The extra barrier helps to ward off any damage from bird droppings, acid rain, environmental fallout, and the harmful effects from the sun.  The protective layer works better than wax because the First Place Finish works to bond chemically to the paint and isn’t affected by the heat.  Regularly washing and re-applying the First Place Finish Renewer will work to keep vehicles looking brand new.

It’s easy to end up with stains and dirty interiors with the quick-pace lifestyle we live in today.  For those looking to protect their interior surfaces, the First Place Finish will work to make stains a thing of the past.  The Fabric Protection finish with Bamoyl® is resistant to oil and water-based stains and allows owners to fix the worst stains with blotting.  The finish is applied only once and helps fabric to look brand new.

For drivers with vinyl and leather upholstery, the First Place Finish Vinyl & Leather conditioner is a great addition.  The application works to condition the material to make sure it is in pristine form and adds a protective layer for the surface.  With temperature variances, vinyl and leather can crack easily.  With the conditioner, the surface will see reduced cracking and helps to not leave a greasy film behind.  Speak with your finance professional at South Hills Audi for more information!

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