Audi Ready for Walter Rohrl to Climb Pikes Peak Again

Walter Rohrl Pikes Peak

Over 25 years ago, Walter Rohrl put Audi racing on the map with his Audi Sport Quattro S1 drifting up Pikes Peak.  Back on July 11, 1987, Rohrl pushed the 600 horsepower S1 to such lengths that he climbed the treacherous mountain in 10 minutes and 48 seconds.  The road was unpaved and straight dirt.  Walter did it so precisely, his record time still stands there today.

What better way to celebrate a silver anniversary than having him climb the famous peak all over again? July 8, 2012 marks the day Rohrl will take to Pikes Peak to drive up for the second time.  People that make the trek to Colorado are in for a treat as Rohrl will also attempt the climb in the same original Audi Sport Quattro S1 he set the record in.  The road has since been paved but 150 curves and 20 km still await him.

We wish Walter all the best in his journey!


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