Audi Working on New Technology for the Future

Audi A6 InteriorAudi is diligently working on improving the technology of its vehicles to be the best and most advanced vehicles on the market.  We got an inside peek at seven of the latest technologies they are working that may be close to production and some farther away.

  1. Audi Wireless Charging – Audi is still a year away from a full-electric vehicle being on the market, but charging the vehicle is an important component.  Audi is working on wireless charging system that utilizes coils.  It’s estimated to be two to three years to being away.
  2. Garage Parking Pilot – Audi’s parking assistant already helps drivers park their car on the A4 and A6.  The garage parking pilot goes above and beyond by having a parking space finder for nearby lots and garages (and in the future wireless charging station spots).  The future will have the car take over as soon as they enter the garage, so infrastructure will matter so this is 10+ years away.
  3.  OLED Technology – As one of the first automakers to offer full LED lighting on its vehicle, Audi wants to be one of the first to use OLEDs, organic light emitting diodes.  When stacked together, the OLEDs can produce millions of colors and varieties of intensity.  This will be utilized in side markers, interior lighting, and car information.  Two years away.
  4. Hybrid Body Materials – Audi has been making lightweight vehicles a priority for production and has moved to aluminum for components such as the chassis to drop weight by up to 40%.  The next technology is building light and strong components with aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic.  Less than two years away.
  5. FRP Coil Springs – Ready to come out on the 2012 Audi R8 e-tron, and all Audi vehicles next year, the standard coil spring will be replaced by the fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) spring.  The change in component reduces weight by up to 40% which helps to improve handling and ride comfort.
  6. Multitouch Controls – Audi unveiled their first touchpad for the A8 and will be doing an upgraded version that integrates with the MMI knob for the 2013 A3.  The full blown integration of the touchpad with head-up display, voice control and gestures, and more is expected with the new A8 in 2015.
  7. Predictive Suspension – The camera-based system scans the road in front up to 20 meters and can detect the road surface coming up and will be able to prepare the suspension for ruts and bumps to have a smoother ride.  The predictive suspension is expected for the new A8 in 2015 as well.
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