Audi A8 Wins First Annual ‘Connected Car of the Year’ Award

Audi A8

In the first-ever Connected World Connected Car of the Year awards, the Audi A8 was honored with the award for the Ultra-Luxury Category.  The awards are put on by the Connected World magazine.  The awards look to highlight vehicles that have technology that balances safety, convenience, and infotainment.

Audi has set the bar high for other makes, becoming the first company worldwide to make wireless internet standard for their vehicles.  The internet allows owners to take advantage of Audi Connect, Audi’s infotainment system.  The A8’s safety features as well allow drivers to enjoy safe and distraction-free driving.  Adaptive cruise control, Audi Night Vision Assistant, Dynamic Steering, and Active Lane Assist are just a few of the great safety features of the A8 that help to assist drivers in driving safe.

“Drivers have reached a point in which they are looking for a vehicle that is safe and reliable, and can keep them connected while on the road, just as they are able to while in the office or in their homes,” says Mike Carrozzo, chief editor, Connected World. “And, as consumers, we also want to be connected in a distraction-free environment. The connected cars named as winners for 2012 are certainly providing these options, and so much more.”

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