Audi Awarded Three Total Cost of Ownership Awards from Kelley Blue Book

2012 Audi A5Audi was excited when they received notice that Kelley Blue Book awarded them with THREE awards for 2012 Total Cost of Ownership, including Best Luxury Brand overall.  The prestigious awards are given to vehicles and brands that have the lowest average Total Cost of Ownership during the initial five-year ownership period.

Kelley Blue Book devises the Total Cost of Ownership number by analyzing residual values to get depreciation costs, fuel, insurance, upkeep of the vehicle, state fees, and numerous other factors.

In addition to the Audi brand winning, KBB awarded the 2012 Audi A5 for Total Cost of Ownership in the Luxury Car segment.  The 2012 Audi Q7 grabbed the honor of Total Cost of Ownership award for Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle.

The awards help to give consumers a better overview of the true cost of a vehicle.  A five-year overview is great research for customers to have when trying to decide between vehicles.  Typically, consumers are looking at needs/wants as well as the initial purchase price.  The Total Cost of Ownership helps to make consumers look more long-term to try and see the true value of a vehicle over time.

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