Audi Honored with Two Awards for the A6’s Lightweight Construction

A6 Design AwardsAudi was honored with two prestigious awards for the design of the lightweight construction body of the Audi A6.  The committee for the Automotive Circle International honored Audi with the Doors & Closures Innovation award as well as the EuroCarBody Award.

Audi won the Doors & Closures Innovation award for its fully pressed aluminum system doors.  The new doors helped to reduce weight by 44 lbs per door!  Through extensive Audi testing, they were able to make the door stronger with less material used.  Typical doors are designed with steel.

The second A6 honor, the EuroCarBody award, is the highest valued award in the body manufacturing world.  Audi once again was able to utilize aluminum throughout the vehicle to drop the A6’s weight by an astounding 15%.  The aluminum components are utilized in over 20% of the body design.

Plant Manager Albrecht Reimold, who collected the awards on behalf of the members of the Planning, Design and Production departments, remarked: “The lightweight body construction concept for the new A6 Sedan demonstrates our powers of innovation and puts us at the very forefront of our field of competitors.”

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