2012 Audi A6 – Experience it on the iPad

Audi has released the new Audi A6 iPad application where users can experience the award-winning 2012 Audi A6 right at their fingertips.  The new application gives users a brand new way for users to customize their own A6 as well as get a true feeling for the A6 inside and out.

After customizing your A6, dive into the A6’s intelligent systems and technology to see how the A6 is able to make 2,000 decisions a second.  Find out how the car is built from each layer to production.  The application even goes as far to let iPad owners feel how the car handles when it turns.

Watch and see how this amazing application can take you from the barebones materials that make up the A6 to scheduling a real test drive at South Hills Audi.  Download the A6 app on iTunes now.

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