Audi Reaches Milestone with Ten Millionth Midsize Car

Audi recently celebrated the production of its ten millionth midsized vehicle in October.  That’s right—Audi’s ten millionth car.  The milestone marker is a Misano Red Audi S4, providing drivers with a V6 engine that produces 333 horsepower.

Frank Dreves, Board Member for Production at AUDI AG, commented on the company’s excitement and pride about this milestone:  “Ten million midsize vehicles is an achievement which makes us thrilled and proud.  Thanks to its sophisticated technology and excellent quality, the Audi A4 is our bestseller—winning over customers in every market since it was launched.  With our strong team and our effective Audi production system, we will continue writing this success story, especially as a modified version of the Audi A4 will soon be launched.”

The A4 Audi models are assembled in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, Germany.  Peter Kössler, Plant Manager in Ingolstadt, commented that the Audi A4’s success is largely due to the “productivity and motivation” of the workers at the Ingolstadt plant.  In fact, the very first Audi 80 in 1972 was a huge success by setting the bar high for standards in lightweight design, performance, and agility.

Audi’s midsize vehicles, the A4, the Avant, the Quattro, and the S4 have recently received technological enhancements in the engine, chassis, and infotainment, making these models even more efficient than before.  Audi continues to showcase its excellence in motorsport vehicles with its ten millionth midsize car today.


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