Audi Unveils Electric A2 Concept Car at Auto Show in Frankfurt

Audi’s A2 Concept car is designed to be an all-electric vehicle that also is based on a premium-standard space concept.  With plenty of room for four people, the A2 maximizes space without a long design.  Audi put their A2 concept car on display at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany for visitors to see.

The A2 is proportioned well to offer elegance, power and sportiness all rolled into one.  Design aspects of the A2 are subtle but give pizzazz to the car.  With a white color body, the dark glass roof, offers powerful contrast but can also be turned transparent by the click of a button.

Audi loaded their matrix beam headlights on the A2, the latest in LED technology.  The design of the LEDs and reflectors inside of the headlights offer high-resolution light with no glare.  The A2 also has intelligent taillights that adjust to the outdoor light conditions.

Audi’s slick new rear fog lights act as a safety feature, forming  a red triangle on the road in foggy conditions.  Dynamic light on the side of the vehicle, running from the rear to the headlights, can sense the owners coming to the car and will unlock the doors by gesture control.  In motion, the dynamic light acts as a side marker as well as being completely lit if activated for style.  When braking, the light will illuminate based on the strength of the braking so drivers can adjust.

Audi wanted to maximize space usage with the A2 so they designed everything to work together.  The rear seat cushions have storage underneath them, you can fit a bike (with front wheel removed) comfortably in between the rear seats and the trunk has two levels that use a net for the upper level.  All minor space adjustments that help the A2 become more adjustable to everyday life and add convenience for owners.

The A2 driving powertrain has not been determined but the main beginnings of the A2 are quite impressive. Stay tuned for more information on the A2 and other big news from the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

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