Audi Going Green with Logistics Center that will Save 500 Tons of CO2 a Year

Providing the latest technology for less car emissions and better miles per gallon is the major goal for all carmakers.  Audi however, not only wants to go green for its car, but also wants to help lessen their environmental footprint with manufacturing of their cars as well.

Audi recently built a new 34 million euro logistics center in Neckarsulm, Germany.  The logistics center was designed with the latest in technology to enhance production and with nature in mind.  Audi was struggling with logistics controls due to their recent expansion of models and the variations of those models.

Audi’s new logistics center will be saving up to 500 tons of CO2 a year.  Audi can achieve this by using waste heat from utility supply building to provide the heating of the center.  Additionally, intelligent systems in the storage and retrieval devices also reduce the amount of electricity that is needed for the building, all adding up to a big win for Mother Nature.

For production, robots help with shipments by taking the material and placing it directly on the conveyor belt, a physical and tedious job employees used to have to do by hand.  Robots also take care of the storage of product onto high-bay racking units that go 19.5 meters high.  The process of handling small load carriers is now automatic and ergonomic to ensure maximum efficiency for Audi.

Audi continues to push ahead with advanced technology, new models, and greater efficiency to be the number one automaker in the world.

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